Outcomes Evaluation

After 18 months of intensive evaluation efforts, the Coordinated Funders have received the final findings of the Outcomes Evaluation produced by TCC Group. The key research questions for the evaluation include:

  1. To what extent is Coordinated Funding achieving the community level and model outcomes it desires?
    a. What changes have been seen among the funders?
    b. What changes have been seen among the nonprofit sector? To what extent are grant partners achieving the outcomes of interest? How does outcome achievement vary by Priority Area?
    c. What changes have been seen at the systemic level?
  2. How well is COFU operating? Is the current model able to achieve the goals of interest or should the model be adapted? What impact is the model itself having?
  3. How, if at all, does COFU need to adapt to ensure it is on track to achieve its goals?

The evaluation data collection process included in-person interviews of funders, governance representatives, and grantees; broadly distributed anonymous online surveys; and primary and secondary sources of data related to the community and program level outcomes. Findings are broad reaching across the entire model and will help guide future iterations of the work in pursuit of community change.

Evaluation Documents


Previous Evaluation

TCC Group conducted a third-party evaluation of the model in 2011: