Application-related Questions

Do we need to submit anything to Washtenaw County Purchasing directly? No. All RFI submissions are completed through the Foundant system.

Should we indicate what priority area we are interested in apply for in the RFI? Space is provided on the RFI application for you to provide your best thinking about which priority area(s) you will seek funding. However, this is for informational purposes only and Coordinated Funding staff are aware that this information may change in the RFP application.

For the Board Roster template, the board giving section states: What percentage of the Agency’s board membership has made a financial contribution to the agency in the past twelve months?  What 12 month period is this referring to? Please report on the 12-month period that makes the most sense for your agency and denote it in the space provided. Ex: Previous FY16-17 or Last CY 2016

If our board minutes are not approved, prior to the closing of the RFI should they still be submitted? Yes, and please denote this in the text field provided.

For the “percentages of  Washtenaw clients served,” does this refer to  sector-wide or for our organization? Percentage of your organization’s clients served.

Is there an RFI process every year? No, only at the beginning of the Program Operations grant cycle. (Usually every two years.)

For organizations that serve not just Washtenaw County, who do we talk to to make sure we are answering the right questions and providing the correct documentation? Contact Amanda Reel: areel@uwwashtenaw.org

What if I don’t have something electronically? If you do not have access to a scanner, UWWC can provide access. Contact Amanda Reel no later than Nov 6 to make arrangements for document scanning.

What if I have technical difficulties? To avoid last minute technical issues, plan to submit early. Contact Amanda Reel, areel@uwwashtenaw.org

General Eligibility & Process Questions

Who is eligible to apply for Program Operations grants? Grant investments will support health and human service programs in four priority areas:  Aging, Housing & Homelessness, Safety-Net Health & Nutrition, and Cradle to Career – including both Early Childhood & School-Age Youth. Eligible applicants include the following tax-exempt entities: 501(c)(3)s, programs applying via a fiscal agent, governmental entities, school district, and other educational institutions.

Are public sector entities eligible to apply? While the Washtenaw Coordinated Funders are primarily interested in funding the nonprofit sector to meet the community-level outcomes in each of the funding priority areas, there are limited circumstances in which local public sector entities are critical providers of, collaborators in, or fiduciaries for the delivery of health and human services programming that are essential to the furtherance of community-level outcomes achievement.

In general, public sector entities are encouraged to collaborate with nonprofit providers in their applications for capacity building or program operations funding – as either a fiduciary/fiscal agent or as a collaborative applicant. In cases where a public sector provider is the only provider of the type of service delivery for which an application is submitted, the Washtenaw Coordinated Funders will consider applications for program operations funding on a case-by-case basis.

Do all partners of a collaborative submit responses to the RFI or just the fiduciary partner?  Only the fiduciary partner needs to respond to the RFI if multiple agencies intend to apply for program funds collaboratively.

Are new agencies—less than one year incorporated—still eligible to apply (even though an audit or financial review is not yet indicated)? We encourage agencies to respond to this RFI, even if there is uncertainty about meeting the criteria set forth in the RFI. Please contact the Funders if you would like to have additional conversation about this.

Can agencies that are not located in Washtenaw County apply through this RFI to be eligible to apply for program funds? Yes. However, any agency located outside of Washtenaw County must demonstrate that they are delivering services in the County and to County residents.

Does Capacity Building funding fall on the same schedule as the Program Operations? Coordinated Funding Members have already communicated with organizations who have receive capacity building grants. Leaders of Color Cohort schedule is TBD.

Does the focus on serving clients living in 48197/48198 deviate from the previous focus in previous Coordinated Funding process? Organizations supporting clients living in 48197/48198 was a focus during previous Coordinated Funding Cycles.

How does this year’s investment level compare to the previous cycle? About $300,000 less due to no longer having the one-time opportunity to provide funds from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund, as we had in the previous cycle.

Since Coordinated Funding delivers services in Washtenaw County, does this mean that students who “school of choice” – into Washtenaw County and use programs and services here are considered eligible? Yes, this is one of the reasons we don’t use the word “residents.” As long as the students are receiving programming in Washtenaw County, that program is eligible for funding.

What is Leadership Deli? NEW center worked with the folks at ZingTrain to develop a leadership development training that would be applicable to local nonprofits in Washtenaw County. DELI stands for “Develop, Elevate, Launch, Innovate.” This will be availabl

What are the dates of the Grant Period? July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2020


Is there a list of current grantees with their funding amounts available? Yes, click here for that information.

Other questions? Submit them here!