COFU Extending Program Operations contracts for a 3rd year of funding

This communication is to share that we will not be operating an RFI/RFP cycle for Program Operations grants this year. Instead, we will be providing our current Program Operations grantees with a third year of funding. This is an extension to their current two-year grant awards.

We acknowledge that this may be disappointing news for some and welcome news for others.

This extension will allow us to overhaul this grant-making process and reduce the pain and burden of this process on applicants. Our decision is in response to feedback we have received from grant applicants, grantees and community volunteers, as well as the data regarding our grant awards. We hear you—our process as currently constructed is an overly complicated and cumbersome in comparison to the outcomes it delivers. We also know that new programs and organizations who are not current grantees cannot easily access this funding. We want to change this.

As funders, we desire a process that does not unduly burden applicants and delivers funding to high-quality programs located in both large and small organizations serving our priority populations. We also desire a process that provides an on-ramp for emerging organizations, who may also be current/former capacity building grant recipients, to access a source of larger, multi-year support. We know that the process currently does not deliver on those desires to the extent possible.

We imagine that this communication may prompt questions from your stakeholders and you. Please see the “Question & Answer” document for likely questions that may arise.

We are committed to keeping you apprised of changes to our grantmaking strategy and will do so via Foundant. Please ensure your agency contact information is up to date. If your organization does not have an agency profile in Foundant, you may create one using this link.

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